Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things I Hate

*  Bacon grease splattering on my shirt that I have only worn for six straight days.
*  Finding out that my two other shirts are in the dirty clothes hamper.
*  14 socks going into the washing machine and only 13 coming out of the dryer.
*  People who laugh at me on the 7th day when I’m only wearing one sock.
*  Discovering that you are out of toilet paper at the moment of need.
*  When preparing to have a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, you discover that the cheese has mold on it.
*  After scraping the mold off the cheese, you discover that the bread is moldy as well.
*  Spilling tomato soup on your upholstered chair that you had professionally cleaned the day before.
*  Pouring tons of paint into the paint tray only to discover that you don’t have any paint rollers.
*  When your AC unit quits on the hottest day of the year.
*  When your heating system decides to go on vacation on the coldest day of the year.
*  When the repair people say that they can get to you in about a week (maybe).
*  I hate people that spam. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to hate people. Therefore, I detest, loathe, despise, scorn, and dislike intensely people who spam.
*  Women who approach me in my awesomely restored ’69 pickup and say, “Nice truck, too bad you come with it.” May a thousand elephants fly up their collective noses.
*  Making a special dessert only to find out that you are missing one key ingredient like something simple -- apples for an apple pie.
*  Cracking a double-yoked egg onto the skillet and suddenly thinking that the two yoke eyes are staring up at me yelling, “Baby Killer.”
*  Knowing that I’m a twin and wishing that I could go back in time and punch her lights out in the womb for all the “ratting” on me that was to haunt me for the first 18 years of my life.
*  Measuring it twice, cutting it once…and still getting it wrong.
*  The hardware store that wouldn't take my measuring tape back because it consistently caused me to measure things wrong. Gees.
*  Companies, large and small, that never respond to email request for information. If there is potentially no money in it for them, they are typically not interested in taking the time to respond. LG is an excellent exception to that rule.
*  Computers that freeze up ONLY when you are working on something important.
*  The 2,384 prompts you have to go through just to talk to a live person on the phone.
*  Incomprehensible instructions on how to put something together.
*  The $40 to $60 “Trip Fees” that many companies charge to send someone out to repair whatever it is you need repairing. I firmly believe they copied that from the airline baggage fee concept.
*  Companies that charge money for just giving you an “estimate” on their potentially doing some work for you.
*  Buying a house that the 231 previous owners before you have modified and/or repaired just about everything … all the wrong way.
*  Having repairmen exaggerate or make up the extent of your problem.
*  Having to pay another company to disprove the above repairmen’s exaggerations.
*  Breaking my favorite ceramic butter dish.
*  Buying a replacement butter dish and promptly breaking it as well (ceramic dishes and granite counter-tops just don’t like each other).
*  Not being able to find a decorative butter dish made of unbreakable plastic.

I’m sure that all of my readers (three at last count) have similar things they hate. If so, send them my way and I will include them in the next installment of “Things I Hate.” Whenever that is ... depending on my nap schedule, of course.

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