Saturday, September 28, 2013

(A Tribute to Barb Who Walked With Her Joe)

Walk with Me

Walk with me 
While old I grow
Hold my hand
Take me back 
To my yester years

Walk with me
Please guide me along
For the once many memories 
Are behind me now
Forever lost in time

Walk with me 
Speak to me
Of long forgotten pasts
And a future lost
Within my hazy mind

Walk with me
Place my arm within yours
For the potholes of my life
At least within my mind
I know not where to step

Walk with me
Be my eyes
Refresh my mind
Both grown cloudy
With the passing years

Walk with me
For I really know not
Where I've walked before
Nor where my
Tomorrow’s lie

Walk with me
My forever love
For you are now the me
That time and age
Have long forgotten

Walk with me
Guide me back to you
For you’ve always been
The keeper of my heart
The essence of my love

~ Michael R. Jennings
© 2013

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