Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018: The Year to Forget

Well, like 2016/17, 2018 was a year to quickly forget. If only we could go back and redo it again, but alas, we can't. We obviously have the shutdown of the federal government, with no end in sight of reopening, unless a miracle takes place … and that isn't very likely, what with the "wall" and democrats taking over the House on January 3rd. My heart goes out to those who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Both the House and the Senate are too busy reading, Politics for Dummies. Oh, I should mention that VP Pence and hundreds of senior political appointees (in the white house) just received a $10,000 raise ... all in the middle of the gov't shutdown. Poor timing.

And then again, according to the WA Post, we have President Trump espousing 15 per day of mistruths; far surpassing his record of mistruths from 2016 and 2017. I'm sure that his "base" believes every word of his mistruths … spurred on by Fox News, to which the president watches faithfully.

Then we had the major fire in California … lives lost and homes and businesses destroyed. In fact, one whole city was completely destroyed. And soon comes the rains, which will cause mudslides. Oh, and I should mention that President Trump offered this advice … that they should have "raked" the forest beforehand and they wouldn't have this problem with forest fires.

And then we had another round of mass shootings and bombs delivered to democrats and the left-leaning media. Lives lost again because we didn't see it coming beforehand. It would be later that we found out that it was "psychos" who should have been locked up previously, or given psychiatric intervention. And obviously, we had a number of school shootings in which young lives were lost forever. And we will continue in 2019 to have more mass shootings (guaranteed).

And then we have the Mueller probe, which will go on forever and ever; the democrats in the House will continue their own probe … that also is guaranteed. Unless the new Attorney General (whoever that might be) decides to shut it down, which is anybody's guess at this point.

And now we have confessions from both Manafort and Cohen. And, once again, we end up with Stormy Daniels and some other gal, who I don't recall her name (okay, you can call it dementia on my part … that's fine with me … it is what is). Besides, whatever her name is, she is not making a spectacle about herself like Stormy Daniels is. I can only guess that she isn't a "porn star" and enjoys her privacy; unlike Ms. Stormy (or whatever her real name is).

How about the stock market gyrations? Down one-day big time and up the next to set a record; fear of the unknown (or known) apparently is driving the big swings. We have trade wars, rising interest rates, an out of control deficit and the economy is expected to decline in 2019. All of which adds to the current big swings in the market. Personally, I'm so glad I pulled my stocks out of the market beforehand and put it into cash (the market be damned). At least my social security payments went up (in 2019) by 2.8% … at least I won't be starving any time soon (my sons will see to that … that's why we have children in the first place … and the only reason).

In professional sports, not that anyone really cares, we self-destructed in both D. C. and Phoenix metro areas (yes, I'm a snowbird) this year and every year. That's that the end of my comments on professional sports. It's all so depressing that I need to schedule another visit with my psychiatrist; hopefully she will provide me with more opioids.

FAKE NEWS. There were the two words used by the President to (more than once) describe the liberal press. By the same token, Fox News could do no wrong, which the President watches ever so faithfully to give credence as to how he is running the country. If they approve, he knows that he is running the country effectively. The liberal press and alldemocrats be damned.

In November we were treated, many times I recall, to candidates, both republicans and democrats, badmouthing each other. If nothing else, we could mute the TV and skip over the news in the papers; or we could simply switch to PBS (works for me). Of course, we always have problems with Florida counting their ballots. I'm thinking they need bigger calculators; either that or they should hire North Korea to count their ballots. I'm thinking that high IQ's don't exist in Florida.

And of course the First Lady (Melania) continues to receive more popular votes than her husband, all of which I can fully understand … she is easier on the eyes (by far). It's no wonder Melania receives more popular votes when her husband cancels both Thanksgiving and Christmas by decree. And he also had the heads chopped off the two turkeys and ate them for a snack.

So, given all the bad news above, we should all forget that 2018 even existed. And we would be wise to pray to God (whoever She is) that 2019 will be better.