Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To the question presented to me:  If you received a surprise package in the mail, what would you like to be in it?

A Surprise Package

Everyone loves a surprise.  Birthdays.  Christmas.  Anniversaries.  Or any other causes for celebration.  Whatever the reason, we eagerly open our boxes with this in mind – to be surprised  –  to be the recipient of the unexpected.  And often times, the bigger the box the better.  After all, big things come in big boxes, don’t they?  Well, not necessarily, but you already know that from your own personal experience, don’t you?  A diamond ring.  A gold necklace or earrings.  A gift card.  I’m sure you can think of a thousand other things that are potentially big gifts, but small in size.

For me personally, the greatest gift that could ever be found in a package is one that comes from the heart.  In other words  –  a gift of love.  As a would be writer, that “love” could be expressed in the form of the written word.  From a love interest:  A simple ‘I Love You.’  ‘You Are My Everything.’  ‘From Now Until Eternity.’  ‘I’ll Be Forever at Your Side.’  ‘There Can Be No Heaven Without You There.’  Or from a child:  ‘I Love You Daddy.’  ‘Daddy, We’ll Make it Through This Together.’  From parents:  ‘We Are Proud of You.’  ‘You Are Our Pride and Joy.’  ‘You’ve Made Us So Proud.’  ‘When We Needed You the Most ~ You Were There.’  And from a sibling:  ‘I’ll Be Here if You Need Me.’  ‘Thanks For Being the Best Brother Ever.’  ‘Thank You for Taking Care of Mom.’  And let’s not forget our many friends:  ‘Your Friendship Means Everything.’  ‘I Can Always Count on You When I’m Feeling Down.’  ‘You Always Have My Back.’  ‘I Feel Safe in Your Presence.’  ‘Thanks for the Shoulder to Lean On.’

And oftentimes, for all of the above situations, all that a “surprise package” needs to contain is a simple ~ ‘Thank You.’  The reality is this:  A “thank you” is a measure of your worth to someone at a particular moment in time.  And “moments in time” are what we are all experiencing at this very moment.  So, to all of you that read this ~ “Thank You” for your contributions you have made to my happiness – both past and present.

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